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Bypass Passcode - iPhone 6S/6S Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X (with signal) (Mina Bypass)

- Herramienta: AQUƍ

- Para solicitar este servicio se requiere de conocimiento basico en desbloqueo, caso contrario no solicitar por favor

- NOTA: el bloqueo de iPhone no es compatible en este servicio

- Soportado solo los modelos indicados, No hay reembolso por errores

- Proceso

Paso 1: Jailbreak

Paso 2: descargue la herramienta y haga clic en Preparar en la herramienta

Paso 3: Restaurar iphone / ipad a ios 13.5

Paso 4: Jailbreak con

Paso 5: haz clic en Activo y listo


- Tool: HERE

- To request this service, basic knowledge is required in unlocking, otherwise, please do not request

- NOTE: iPhone lock is not supported in this service

- Supported only the models indicated, No refund for errors

- Process
Step 1: Jailbreak
Step 2: Download the tool and click Prepare on the tool
Step 3: Restore iphone / ipad to ios 13.5
Step 4: Jailbreak with
Step 5: click Active and you're done

Delivery Time : 1-5 Miniutes